Gold Sponsor – Lacuna Space

The coverage of The Things Network continues to grow impressively. But there likely will always be gaps in coverage between the cities and in remote places on the Earth.

Lacuna Space is flying gateways on satellites to fill in the voids, enabling monitoring in remote locations or tracking of mobile ‘things’, no matter where they are.

Lacuna’s first demonstration satellite launched earlier this year, and another three will be launched before the end of the year. The idea of receiving LoRa®-based messages in space is not unique, but the idea of making space-based gateways that are sufficiently scalable to provide a viable low-cost connectivity service is brand new, and game changing in terms of the number of extra services that it enables.

Lacuna is currently commissioning the service and optimising the system performance and intends to provide a trial service with a number of customers in early 2020.

After a huge investment of time and money, and thanks to extensive support from Semtech Corporation, Lacuna is edging ever closer to the promise of low range-cost LoRa devices® connectivity everywhere!