Sponsor – Crimson Tide mpro5

mpro5 lets you send the right person to the right place at the right time with the right tools to get the job done!

Well, it IS an app… to get jobs and workflow done on a phone or tablet, in your language, with your logo. But, you also get your own website, reports, alerts, maps and graphs and more! Explore.

Jobs & Flows

We all have jobs in life, and they usually involve what we call ‘flows’. Deliver The Metro, repair that windscreen, clean the train. With mpro5 you can schedule these jobs with workflow or do them on-the-fly on the app.

Reports & Alerts

Paper, paper, paper! With mpro5, reports and alerts (you need to do this, you have just done that) are automatic. Get them on the web, get a message on the phone – mpro5 fits in with your way of working.

Maps & Graphs

My team have just done those jobs in High Street, Unit 4 – I can see it on the map! Dave has just scheduled some workflows, this graph shows Mary has done the most jobs today – mpro5 helps get millions of jobs done every year.



IoT sensors* tell you what’s going on and you’ll be able to monitor without taking manual readings. For example, see how many people enter your store, the ambience of your station, or temperature changes of your fridges. mpro5’s Artificial Intelligence can send someone when something needs attention. React as and when you need to.

(* sensors extra)


mpro5 makes it easy for you and your people

Your team can clock in and out with fingerprint, facial recognition or pin code. mpro5 helps plan and manage the team members and their shifts, as well as holiday and cover. Enrol everyone quickly and easily too. Everything you need is kept track of.