Norfolk County Council - Venue Sponsor
Norfolk County Council VENUE SPONSOR

Venue sponsor – Norfolk County Council

Cities such as Norwich, London, Manchester, Hull & York at al are getting onboard with big aspirations to give you a publicly accessible network enabling them to offer better and more cost effective services. Businesses have been leveraging LoRa for a few years now with leading names such as Google getting involved recently joining ranks with IBM, Orange, ARM, Cisco & more, the LoRa Alliance list is becoming extensive.

Norfolk County Council are an innovative and forward thinking Local Authority that have supported local Community The Things Network Norfolk, initiated by Paul Foster.

With the support of Norfolk County Council, TTN Norfolk, FreeClix & Digital East Anglia community members – Norfolk & Norwich enjoy a baseline coverage of LoRaWAN that can be used in most areas in Norwich City Centre and has been detected and used as far as Ipswich & Felixstowe.

Norfolk County Council’s support has already had an impact, allowing startups that only started because of their support to prototype wearables and sensors that are attempting to solve social care, agTech and environmental challenges.