Claire Garside Co-founder, The Foundation for Digital Creativity

Claire Garside


Talk: LoRa Communities of Practice: Innovation for Inclusive Growth

For years we’ve talked about how ubiquitous technology will be transformational.

Imagine a world where that’s matched with more people equipped with the tools and digital skills to embrace that change.

LoRa is supporting an emerging phenomenon for everyone to innovate with low-cost sensors and data rates, and provides an opportunity to talk about sustainable growth that is socially inclusive. In this session we will look at examples including community-led projects focused on improving air quality and boosting diversity in the digital talent pipeline.


About Claire

Claire co-founded The Foundation for Digital Creativity with Andrew Robinson in 2017, with a mission of removing barriers to learning and making technology accessible to tackle real world social and environmental problems.

Educational activities centre around adults and children motivated by curiosity and the desire to understand how technology innovations can positively impact on issues relevant to them. Current programmes span across schools, industry, community and university settings, taking a ‘KS1 to PhD’ learning framework to develop and extend the digital talent pipeline.

With a background in teaching and creative computing, Claire is currently a postgraduate researcher at Leeds University. Her research focuses on ways that ‘maker education’ in schools can impact on children’s well-being.