Helena Zaum Smart Cities Lead, Microsoft UK

Helena Zaum


Talk: IoT in Smart Places – From Pilot to Business as Usual

There is huge excitement about the potential of IoT for business and the public sector, but are we really ready for large scale deployment?

Using real-life examples in the UK, this talk looks at the opportunity, why it’s worth it, and what it actually takes to get from pilot to full roll-out.


About Helena

Helena is Microsoft UK’s Smart Cities Lead. She is passionate about the positive impact which technology, sensitively applied, can have on communities and cities of the future.

Technology embedded in the fabric and infrastructure of our lives should help improve our day to day experiences, but it must do so in a way which helps us build a strong sense of community with those around us, and encourages a shared sense of ownership about our immediate environment, and our impact on those further afield.

Digital technologies can also transform our ability to deliver person centred care and health in the community and at home. Helena’s remit at Microsoft involves looking at how technology can help transform public services, particularly integrated health and social care, and leading on Microsoft’s smart cities programme in the UK.

During her ten years at Microsoft, Helena has worked in various public sector focused roles, working with a mixture of start ups and major commercial organisations serving the public sector and with local government customers in the UK on their digital transformation activities. Prior to Microsoft, Helena managed a number of large change programmes and is well versed in the importance of the people side of change and transformation.