Julian Fernandez CEO and Co-Founder, Fossa Systems

Julian Fernandez


Talk: DIY LoRa from Orbit

FossaSat-1 is a 5cm sided pocketqube satellite developed by Fossa Systems, a non profit juvenile association based in Spain and dedicated to the development of picosatellite technologies.

FossaSat-1 will test LoRa IoT telecommunications from space without the need of any ground infrastructure. $5 transcievers with monopole antennas at 10mW will be capable of connecting to the fully free and open network. FossaSat is a fully open source project developed by a group of Students from all over the world. Fossa aim to democratise access to space by reducing launch costs and democratise access to IoT by reducing necessary ground infrastructure.

This talk will also cover some of the less known characteristics of LoRa regarding its long range and behaviour at extreme settings (36,000km range at 7.8khz SF12 and TCXO modules) as well as practical tests beating national LoRaWan records.


About Julian

Julian is a 16 year-old student, CEO and Co-Founder of Fossa Systems, a non-profit association dedicated to the development of picosatellites for IoT telecommunications.

He is passionate for sharing his ideas with the world and inspiring the youth.