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Nicolas Demoulin


Talk: How to build a secure provision workflow and strengthen authentication to TTI’s join server

Manipulating application and network server keys is not only a daunting process but also opens backdoors in LoRaWAN connected products.

Microchip’s secure element, bundled with TTI’s join server service, helps simplify the provisioning process and secures the keys, not only in the deployed system but also throughout the entire supply chain.


About Nicolas

Nicolas is Marketing Manager for the Secure Products Group at Microchip Technology, with 20 years’ experience in the semiconductor industry.

Before joining Microchip, Nicolas started his career as ASIC Product Marketing Manager for Consumer and Automotive applications. In 2004, he joined Atmel and held several Sales positions supporting successively Direct and Channel customers on various industry segments, such as Automotive, Consumer and Industrial. Nicolas also contributed to building new market offers as Automotive Touch and LPWAN solutions…

Since Atmel’s acquisition by Microchip, he has specialised in embedded IoT and security technologies.

He earned a Master of Business Degree in Marketing from the Kedge Business School, Marseille, France