Nigel Hearne Senior Consultant, Pen Test Partners

Nigel Hearne


Talk: Cars, Kettles, Cows, and the Cloud. Insecurity explained

From parking sensors that tell when a bay is in use or tagged cows broadcasting their location on a farm, LoraWAN has many practical applications, but is what’s connected to it secure? Is the cloud the best place to hold that information? Based on my experience of buying an iKettle that had the sellers credentials in it and was findable on I’d say “maybe not”.

In this session you’ll get a solid understanding of the security and implementation of mobile API’s and Industrial IoT on the internet e.g. A/C disinfectant and oil drilling rigs.

We’ll also explore why hard coded credentials and poor coding within the connected devices present such a risk, and why addressing updates in the production and development cycle is so important, as is telling the users.


About Nigel

Nigel is a senior consultant with Pen Test Partners, specialising in transportation and critical national infrastructure security.

Having managed highly complex maritime security testing projects from drilling rigs and bulk carriers to cruise liners and private yachts, Nigel is ideally placed to provide an insight into the threats facing the maritime industry today. He has presented to the House of Lords Select Committee on Maritime Cyber Security, as well as at events such as the International Security Expo, and the European Associate of Airport and Seaport Police Conference.