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Ruby Whipp


Talk: Sensor alert! … what next?

So you’re ready to invest in IoT for your business. LoRaWAN sensors are great! Plus, you’ve got your head around the acronyms, the tech (at a high level), and what it’s going to cost.

But, are alerts and graphs going to be enough to demonstrate real ROI?

In this talk we look at how mpro5 generates real value from IoT by triggering reactive workflow from sensor readings.


About Ruby

Ruby is a Technical Presales Consultant at mpro5. She graduate from the University of Cambridge in 2017 and her dissertation was on how to make step counting more accurate on smart watches. She is inspired by the impact that technology can have in creating smarter and more efficient workplaces.

In her previous role as IoT and Mobile Developer in 2018, Ruby helped build mpro5’s powerful IoT platform. mpro5 is a highly configurable workflow and job scheduling platform. The IoT module triggers mobile jobs and workflow automatically from sensor readings. This helps businesses generate real value from sensors by enabling more efficient and reactive work schedules.