Tony Smith


Talk: Challenges of Deploying a System 4 hours from Home - (it's like its in another country)

Tony will discuss the challenges of installing a complete network consisting of Gateway and nodes more than 4 hours drive from home.

He will review the real life experience of installing 12 nodes and several gateways, and consider the future developments required before this can be accomplished by a non-technical customer with a site visit.

He will also discuss the concept of an automated test set which can provide site evaluation of the backhaul system.


Workshop: Antenna Design

Tony’s Antenna workshop was last presented to the TTN Adelaide Lora Community.

The workshop covers RF Engineering basics for non-technical people. It will explain the basics of antennae and the parameters which characterise an antenna – gain, VSWR & bandwidth. It explains dB, dBm, dBd and considers the downside of high gain antennas.

The presentation also includes installation tips such as installation and clamping, water proofing the connectors, cable losses and the use of short flexible tails.

The second half of the workshop will be interactive where I answer questions from the participants. Instead of answering on the spot, we ask participants to submit questions before the workshop and Tony will prepare more detailed answers.


Workshop: Overview of how RF propagates in different physical environments

We will start by discussing free space, then look at the effects of terrain and buildings. We will briefly consider indoor propagation and multi-story buildings.

Then we will understand if there is one “universal model” covering all these different environments.

Participants will be shown how to use an online outdoor terrain model and use this to explore the effects of antenna gain, antenna height etc.

References will be provided to more detailed information and links to a downloadable model.


About Tony

Tony is a professional Electrical Engineer who has worked as an RF Engineer as well as in the telecommunication industry.

Currently his day job is in Manufacturing.

Tony has a long history of using Raspberry Pi and since 2012 has installed around 100 Raspberry Pi systems in industrial applications.

After hours Tony is involved in commercialising an innovative method to determining plant health by remote sensing which utilises LoraWan. To that end, Tony designs and builds his own electronic circuits and printed circuit boards for use in both Nodes and Gateways.

Tony has also trialed his LoraWan Nodes with Fleet Space (also based in Adelaide) and appeared in their first marketing video.